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Election Season Starting for City

Northglenn voters will elect a mayor and one council member from each of the city’s four wards at the regular municipal election on Nov. 5, 2019. The mayor and council member seats are for four-year terms. Residents interested in running for City Council are encouraged to stop by the City Clerk’s Office, located inside City Hall, 11701 Community Center Drive, to pick up a candidate information packet.

There are also filing requirements that must be met throughout the election process. A Candidate Affidavit must be filed within 10 days of becoming a candidate. A Committee Registration Form must be filed with the city clerk before accepting any contributions for a candidate’s campaign.

For more details on the requirements and election process, stop by the City Clerk’s Office to pick up a copy of the 2019 Candidate Manual or view the information at 

Who is Eligible to Run for Northglenn City Council?
By Nov. 5, a candidate must:
  • Be a U.S. citizen and registered voter
  • Be a resident of Northglenn for at least one year immediately preceding the election
  • For council seats, be a resident of your ward for at least 32 days immediately preceding nomination
  • Not have a felony conviction

Get Your Name on the Ballot
  • Candidates must be nominated by petition.
  • Petition process takes place in August.
  • Only petitions obtained from the City Clerk’s Office may be circulated.
  • Petitions must be signed by at least 25 registered voters residing in the candidate’s ward for council member spots or at least 25 living in the city at-large for mayoral candidates.          
Key Dates
  • Aug. 5 – Nomination petitions will be available in the City Clerk’s Office.
  • Aug. 6 – First day a nomination petition may be circulated for signatures.
  • Aug. 26 – Deadline to file signed nomination petitions with the City Clerk. Petitions must be received by 5 p.m.