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New Rebate From City Encourages Lawn Reduction

Northglenn residents use on average 120 gallons of water per person, per day – but most of that water isn’t even used directly by the people – it goes to watering yards.

Water is scarce and every drop counts in the arid climate of the Front Range. To conserve water, the most effective and aesthetic step is to replace grass with low-to-no water use landscaping.  

To help encourage residents to take that step, the city is offering $1 rebates per square foot of grass that you replace, up to $1,000. 

“Not only will you get a rebate on your water bill, but your new, water-efficient yard will save you money for years to come,” said Water Resources Analyst Sophie Porcelli.

Before you start ripping out your grass, please go to to read all the conditions and processes to receive the rebate.

Some of the more important rules include:

  • This rebate cannot be used for artificial turf.
  • The newly-landscaped area must have plants, and those plants most be water-efficient.
  • The rebates cannot be applied retroactively.

In addition to turf reduction, the city provides other water conservation rebates for toilets, washing machines, rain barrels and sprinkler accessories. Northglenn residents can also have Resource Central come out and evaluate the efficiency of their automatic sprinkler system for free.

To learn more about these programs, go to or contact Porcelli at 303.450.4045 or