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N-Line Testing to Begin in Mid-April

Starting in mid-April, RTD is set to begin testing trains on the N-Line commuter rail system. The trains will run from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays, and possibly on Saturdays. 

As part of the testing process, crossing attendants will be stationed at all at-grade crossings, which includes East 112th Avenue near York Street in Northglenn and 124th Avenue and Claude Court, just north of town. 

The trains will be using their horns when going over these crossings. Until quiet zones are established, using train horns and other safety measures are important to make drivers and pedestrians aware of the trains. 

Should you see any issues, such as crossing arms remaining down for an extended period, please call 720.456.5279. 

Stay Safe During Testing

Safety remains a top priority at all times. Prior to opening for revenue service, the entire project is an active construction zone. Please abide by all safety signage and do not attempt to view testing by accessing construction areas at stations and locations near the tracks. Access during construction is by permission only.

Important Safety Tips:

• Do not try to touch or throw objects at the overhead power lines or climb on the power poles – the wires are up and live with 25,000 volts of electricity! 

• Never trespass on any train track – it is illegal and dangerous.

• Cross the tracks only at designated crossings, always follow safety signage and obey warning devices like flashing red lights and gate arms.

• Stay off station platforms until they are open to the public.