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Northglenn Joins Climate Action Coalition of State Communities

City Council voted unanimously on Dec. 10 to join Colorado Communities for Climate Action (CC4CA), a coalition of local governments pushing for strong state-wide climate policy in Colorado. 

City Council also unanimously adopted a resolution appointing Council Member Jenny Willford to represent Northglenn on CC4CA’s Steering Committee.

“It can be tough as a small city to effectively push for strong state policies,” said Willford. “Becoming part of this coalition means Northglenn will have a seat at the table on state-wide climate policy and we can work together with a group of other communities to make sure all of our voices are heard at the Capitol.”

CC4CA most recently helped secure strong emissions standards for passenger vehicles in Colorado, and is gearing up for an active legislative session that will likely include bills on energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy storage and reducing carbon pollution.

“We are working hard in Northglenn to become more sustainable,” said Mayor Carol Dodge. “We want to do our part to protect our community from the impacts of climate change. But we can’t achieve our own goals without strong state policies, and this coalition gives us a way to make that happen.”

The coalition’s 22 members span across the Front Range and western Colorado, suburbs and resort towns, municipalities and counties. The members collectively represent more than one-eighth of Colorado’s population.