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City Offering Mermaid Fitness Class at Rec Center

Sometimes working out requires special equipment.

Like fins.

The city is launching a new mermaid fitness class starting Jan. 8. It runs Tuesday and Thursday from 6:15 to 6:55 p.m. at the Northglenn Recreation Center, 11801 Community Center Drive. The cost is the drop-in rate.

Participants receive monofins, which are like regular swimming fins – except both feet go into a single large fin. Thus, when you swim with them on, your movement is like a mermaid.

The instructor, Kristina, has used the gear for 10 years. “I’m a mermaid at heart,” she said.

Kristina said for some it takes a little while to get used to a new swimming motion, but these classes are designed for mer-beginners and mer-pros.

After swimming for a little while, Kristina will put you through exercises. The warm water provides a natural resistance, but the class is easy on the joints. By the end of each session, you’ll have a good, full-body workout. You’ll especially feel it in the core, but also the legs and arms.

“It’s mermaids, it’s in the water, it’s fun and it’s a little different every time,” said Kristina.

Just bring a swimsuit and towel to participate. The class is limited to 10 people, ages 16 and over. You must be comfortable swimming in the deep end of the pool and having your face underwater.

Call 303.450.8800 or stop by the front desk of the rec center for more information.