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Voters Approve Marijuana Sales Tax

City voters approved Ballot Issue 3E last month to increase the special sales tax on retail and medical marijuana and marijuana products from 2 percent to 4 percent. The tax rate goes into effect on Jan. 1.

Pending certification by the Adams County Canvass Board, the ballot issue was approved by a vote of 7,599 to 5,534.

Revenue from the tax will be used exclusively for capital improvements and the construction of public facilities. Capital improvements include non-recurring expenditures used to create and/or maintain roads, city buildings and parks.

In addition to the new tax increase, Ballot Issue 3E allows the city to increase or decrease the rate up to one percent per year without voter approval, as long as the rate of taxation does not exceed 10 percent.

City Revenue from Marijuana 

  • 2015 - $484,604
  • 2016 - $536,778
  • 2017 - $619,978
  • 2018 - $609,772 (Forecast)


In 2014, City Council approved Ordinance 1690 to implement the city’s 2 percent tax on marijuana and marijuana products.