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$66.9M Proposed Budget

The proposed 2019 City Budget was presented to City Council on Aug 6. The proposed city budget is built on a strategic framework to meet the desired level of services by the community, invest in city infrastructure and build financial sustainability for the future.

The proposed 2019 Budget does not anticipate any new tax increase.

The chart to the bottom shows projected revenue for the eight funds that comprise the budget.

Overall, citywide revenues for the proposed 2019 Budget stand at $55.5 million with city-wide expenditures at $66.9 million. The personnel budget expects a 3.26 percent rise. This includes two new police officer positions. The General Fund, which includes salaries and day to day operations, is balanced. 

A public hearing on the proposed 2019 budget is scheduled for Oct. 8 and adoption of the budget is scheduled for Oct. 22.

To view the proposed budget, go to

2019 Proposed Budget     
Budget Funds Beginning Balance Revenues & Other Sources Expenditures  and Other Uses Net Change Ending Balance
General $22.8M $27M $27.6M ($539K) $22.3M
Conservation Trust $1.17M $476K $1.57M ($1.1M) $77.3K
CDBG - - - - -
Capital Projects $17.6M $8M $19.5M ($11.4M) $6.2M
Water $11.3M $11.7M $9.7M $2M $13.3M
Wastewater $2.47M $5.95M $6.26M ($308K) $2.16M
Stormwater $418K $435K $403K $31K $449K
Sanitation $2.11M $1.92M $1.83M $89K $2.2M
Total $57.9M $55.5M $66.9M ($11.2M) $46.6M

Proposed 2019 Major Capital Projects

  • Civic Campus Master Plan $12.5M
  • Melody Traffic Calming $1M
  • Residential Street Program $750K
  • Lift Station A & Force Main $500K
  • Traffic Lights/Concrete Replacement/School Safety $400K
  • Bunker Hill Lift Station $400K
  • Sensory Park Equipment $250K

City Revenue:

  • Taxes 53% ($28.5M)
  • User Charges & Fees 32% ($17.2M)
  • Intergovernmental 7% ($4M)
  • Fines & Forfeitures 2% ($995K)
  • Licenses & Permits 1% ($718K)
  • Other Revenue 4% ($2.2M)

City Expenditures:

  • Capital Outlay 41% (26.7M)
  • Personnel 36% ($23.5M)
  • Purchased Services 11% ($7.4M)
  • Supplies/Non-Capital 7% ($4.4M)
  • Debt Payments 4% ($2.4M)
  • Other 1% ($590K)