Rebranding for Northglenn

New logo will launch in January

Rebranding for Northglenn

Beginning in January, the City of Northglenn will introduce a new logo. The new look will help set the city apart from surrounding cities and communicate a sense of vitality, that Northglenn is a place where families and businesses can thrive.

While the 44-year-old logo worked well for the city for many years, it didn’t quite reflect what Northglenn was becoming – a revitalized city with an eye on the future.

In 2014, City Council developed a strategic plan for the city that included marketing and branding, including the possibility of a new logo.

In 2016, a new logo was approved, one that was based on what community research said: Northglenn residents view the city as a place to call home and that they love the parks and trees.

The roll out of the new logo and rebranding will take four to five years in order to accommodate budget and staff time constraints. There will be a cost, but it is a very small percentage of the city’s approved budget. Because the city wants to be efficient, existing supplies will be used up and items replaced as needed.

Cities and businesses infrequently change their logo, it requires a lot of thought and commitment. This new logo should last a long time. For more information visit

City of Northglenn
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