Protect Your Car From Break-Ins

Thefts on the rise nationally.

Automobile thefts and break-ins are on the rise nationwide. Many of those thefts are preventable.

The Police Department encourages you to:
• Always lock your car, even inside a locked garage.

• Never leave valuables, or anything that could be seen as valuable, in plain sight in your car. This includes shopping bags, GPS devices, iPads, sporting equipment, tools or laptop computers. Even a gym bag or empty box may look tempting to a thief.

• Never leave keys in your car, even a spare set.

• Keep your house key and your car key separate.

• Never leave your vehicle with the windows rolled down.

• Park in well-lit, high-traffic areas.

• Never leave personal information in your car, even the car title.

• Never leave your car running unattended, even if the doors are locked.

• Use anti-theft devices

• Please report suspicious activity or a crime by calling 911.

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