Neighborhood Watch Works

Crime reduced in small Northglenn area.

They went from 20 incidents in 2013 to nine in 2015 and only five so far this year.

How did one small neighborhood in Northglenn reduce the crime rate in their neighborhood? By having an active and committed Neighborhood Watch program.

With about 10 households in their group, the neighbors on Sherman Street are alert to any unusual activity in their neighborhood and don’t hesitate to call the police. Colleen Matlock, co-chair of their Neighborhood Watch, attributes their success to vigilance.

“We call each other, we call the police, and we watch out for each other,” she said.

Colleen, along with co-chair Karen Riehl, believe being determined and working together are the keys to a successful Neighborhood Watch program.
Officer Paul Skattum has worked with their group and said, “Neighborhood Watch can work well. We’ve prevented crime in progress because of the watchful eyes of Colleen and Karen’s group. They care about their neighborhood and work to keep it a safe place.”

For more information about the city’s Neighborhood Watch program – whether there’s one in your area or how to start one, please contact Officer Scott McNeilly at 303-450-8852 or

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