The Key to Fast Help

Lock box on door
Lock Box Gives First Responders Access When Doors Locked

Emergency personnel may lose critical minutes when a house is locked preventing first responders from getting inside.

There is a solution – the Police Department provides lock boxes, similar to those used by real estate agents, to hold a spare house key. When emergency personnel are called to that home, dispatch can provide the combination if there's no answer at the door.

The lock box hangs in a secure location at the residence, and there is no cost to the resident.

For more information, please contact Officer Scott McNeilly at 303-450-8852 or

Program Eligibility
To be eligible for the lock box program, participants must:
- Be a resident of Northglenn
- Live in a private home or apartment
- Have significant medical assistance needs or be a senior who lives alone
- Provide a spare house key
- Sign a release and agree to return the lock box if no longer participating in the program

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