Business Directory Redesigned lists every registered company in the city.

The city has redesigned its “Shop Northglenn” online business directory for a better user experience.

Located at, the site has an updated organization, navigation and search engine. It’s also mobile-friendly, so it’s now easier to pull up listings on a smart phone. A share button has been included so listings can be posted on all the popular social media sites and links to the site can be easily e-mailed.

The directory contains every licensed business located in Northglenn – both storefront and home-based. At a minimum, every business has a phone number to go along with the name. Storefront businesses also have their addresses included.
Business owners are welcome to visit the site and update their company’s listing. They can include information such as:
• Web site
• Hours of operation
• Business description
• Logo or other graphics such as a brochure or coupon
• Tag words that people can search with

To add information to your business profile, just go to the site and then click “Update Your Listing” down at the bottom of the page. You will need your business license number.

For more information about the site, contact Economic Development Coordinator Jill Mendoza at or 303-450-8938.

City of Northglenn
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