Northglenn Community Foundation

Memorial Bench
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Board of Trustees:
Leslie Carrico - President
Amanda Peterson - Vice President
Jerry Gavette - Secretary/Treasurer
Mary Hermann - At Large
Marci Whitman - At Large
Sherri Hale - At Large
Susan Crow - At Large

Memorial Tree and Bench Program

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Northglenn Community Foundation

Northglenn Community Foundation

The Northglenn Community Foundation is a special form of public charity that channels tax-exempt gifts from individual and corporate donors to a variety of projects in Northglenn.

It is a publicly-supported philanthropic institution governed by a local board of private citizens. Grassroots projects of interested individuals or groups are encouraged, as they work the best. Tree and memorial benches are an ongoing project. The directors can facilitate access to experts and city staff to assist in projects that benefit the city.

The foundation encourages the acquisition, retention, development and use of parks, open space, recreational, cultural and leisure facilities in Northglenn.

Currently the board is looking for additional members and ideas, as well as donations.

Current Members

  • Leslie Carrico - President
  • Amanda Peterson - Vice President
  • Jerry Gavette - Secretary/Treasurer
  • Mary Hermann - At Large
  • Marci Whitman - At Large
  • Sherri Hale - At Large

Memorial Tree and Bench Program

Sponsored by the Northglenn Community Foundation, the Memorial Tree and Bench Program allows groups and individuals to donate trees and benches to commemorate special events or as memorials to loved ones. Examples include births, graduations, anniversary or wedding presents.

Planting a tree for a family members or friends provides a meaningful and enduring memorial that can be enjoyed for generations.

Trees and benches purchased through the program are planted and placed in city parks, trails and playgrounds. For either program, a suitable location is determined by mutual interest.

Tree program
The cost of the tree is $300. This donation covers the tree, an engraved brass plate, the planting and the care of the tree with a re-plant guarantee.

The engraved brass plate with three lines of inscription is attached to a perpetual plaque outside City Council Chambers, inside City Hall. There is a wide choice in species of trees and locations.

Bench program
The cost of the bench is $650 and includes a commemorative engraved plate and installation.

Benches are dark green, made of expanded metal, and are installed in concrete. Location for the benches are determined by the general vicinity that you are interested in and the need for a bench in the area.

The commemorative plate is riveted on the top or the front of the bench.

Utility Bill Assistance Program

The Northglenn Community Foundation’s Utility Assistance Program is designed to provide grants to eligible residential City of Northglenn Utility customers with a temporary, short-term payment of their city utility bill.

The Utility Assistance Program is funded by fundraisers throughout the year as well as by individual contributions from people who want to help their neighbors, family, and friends that may be having difficulty making ends meet.

Applications for assistance are reviewed and grants are awarded monthly based on a number of criteria. Grants are paid directly to the recipient's city utility account. Grant applications are available at the foundation's Web site or you can stop by and pick up an application at the City Hall front desk, Northglenn Recreation Center or within the Senior Center.

Applications are due no later than 5 p.m. on the first of each month (or the Friday before if the first falls on a Weekend or a holiday) at the Northglenn City Hall.

The Northglenn Community Foundation is a 501c3 all volunteer non-profit organization and contributions are tax deductible.

City of Northglenn
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