Section 11-8-1. Single-Family Zone R-1. The provisions of this Article shall regulate and restrict the erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair and use of buildings, structures and land in zoning districts of the City of Northglenn established as single-family zones R-1.

[Source: Ord. 279, 1973]

Section 11-8-2. Uses by Right, R-1 Zone. Uses by right in R-1 Zones shall be the uses-by-right set forth in Section 11-7-6 of the Municipal Code.

[Source: Ord. 279, 1973]

Section 11-8-3. Special Uses, R-1 Zone. In addition to the special uses set forth in Section 11-31-3 of the Municipal Code, the following shall be special uses in R-1 Zones:




The keeping of pigeons, provided that:


The total area used for the keeping of pigeons is limited to one percent (1%) of the total lot area per dwelling unit;


All such pigeons shall be confined within a completely enclosed area of not more than one percent (1%) of the total lot area per dwelling unit;


Such area of confinement shall be located more than twenty-five (25) feet from any dwelling located on an adjacent lot, and more than ten (10) feet from any adjacent lot.

[Source: Ord. 823, 1986; 358, 1975]

Section 11-8-4. Floor Area, R-1 Zone. A minimum floor area of 1,500 square feet per dwelling shall be required in R-1 zones.

[Source: Ord. 279, 1973]

Section 11-8-5. Lot Area, R-1 Zone. A minimum lot area of 21,780 square feet per dwelling shall be required in R-1 zones.

[Source: Ord. 279, 1973]

Section 11-8-6. Lot Width, R-1 Zone. The minimum width of any lot in an R-1 zone shall be 125 feet, measured at the front building line.

[Source: Ord. 279, 1973]

Section 11-8-7. Height Limitation, R-1 Zone. The maximum height of buildings in R-1 zones shall be:


Thirty-Five (35) feet for principal buildings.


Sixteen (16) feet for accessory buildings.

[Source: Ord. 279, 1973; 1435, 2006]

Section 11-8-8. Front Setback, R-1 Zone.


The minimum front setback in R-1 zones shall be thirty (30) feet, except as otherwise provided in this Section.


The minimum front setback when property in an R-1 zone fronts on a state or federal highway shall be fifty (50) feet.


An entry vestibule, as defined in Section 11-5-2(b)(56.1) of this Zoning Ordinance, may encroach into the minimum front setback of a maximum of seven (7) feet, provided also that the total area of such encroachment shall not exceed seventy (70) square feet. Said vestibule shall be constructed of materials matching or compatible with the exterior finish materials and colors of the residence. Eaves on said vestibule may extend into the front setback area an additional distance equal to the width of the existing eaves on the front of the residence, or two (2) feet, whichever is greater.

[Source: Ord. 934, 1988]

Section 11-8-9. Front Setback, Accessory Building, R-1 Zone. Front setback for accessory buildings shall be the same as for principal buildings.

[Source: Ord. 1195, 1998]