Section 11-21-1. Exclusions. The following uses are excluded:


Establishments of the "drive-in" type, except banks.


Service stations, except as may be allowed as a permitted use, subject to the requirements set forth in Section 11-30-6(b)(2).


Sale of alcoholic beverages and liquors.


Storage and warehousing.




Physical, cultural and health services, gymnasiums, reducing salons, and massage parlors.

[Source: Ord. 179, 1973]

Section 11-21-2. Uses-by-Right.


The uses-by-right shall be subject to the following condition: Business establishments are restricted to a maximum gross floor area of 3,000 square feet each, excluding the basement and any floor area devoted to off-street parking, loading or unloading facilities.


In addition to those set forth in Article 19, the following shall be uses-by-right:


Art and school supply stores.


Antique shops.




Barber shops.


Beauty shops.


Camera and photographic supply stores.


China and glassware stores.


Clothes pressing establishments.


Coin and philatelic stores.


Custom dressmaking and tailor shops.


Dry cleaning and laundry receiving stations, provided that the processing be done elsewhere.


Fabric shops.


Florist shops.


Food stores, grocery stores, meat markets, bakeries, creameries, and delicatessens.


Furniture stores with new merchandise, excluding repair or upholstering services on premises.


Furrier shops.


Garden supply and seed stores.


Gift and variety shops.


Hardware stores.


Hobby shops, for retail of items to be assembled or used away from the premises.


Home appliance stores.


Interior decorating shops, retail only.


Jewelry stores, including watch repair.


Launderettes, automatic self-service only.


Leather goods and luggage stores.


Millinery shops.


Musical instrument sales and repair.


Paint and wallpaper stores.




Photography studios.




Restricted production and repair, limited to the following: art needlework; clothing (custom manufacturing and alterations) for retail only; jewelry (from precious metals); watches; dentures; and optical lenses.


Sewing machine sales and services, household machines only.


Schools (music, dance, or business).


Shoe and hat repair shops.


Shoe stores.


Sporting goods stores.


Toy shops.


Television and radio repair shops.


The above-mentioned uses are by way of example and not by way of limitation.

[Source: Ord. 179, 1973]

Section 11-21-3. Reserved.

[Source: Ord. 290, 1974]

Section 11-21-4. Maximum Height of Structures. 30 feet.

[Source: Ord. 179, 1973]