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Parks & Open Space Wildfire Mitigation Plan

The City of Northglenn owns and manages three designated nature areas, as well as two additional open spaces, and a variety of unimproved Right-of-way’s (ROW) throughout the city.

Based on an assessment by North Metro Fire Rescue District (NMFRD), the city does not have any areas that are considered to be at “high risk” for Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) fire. Though the city overall is at a low risk of wildfire, there are some locations within the city that are at higher risk than other areas. In collaboration with NMFRD, the city is taking steps to mitigate this risk. 

Northglenn Risk Areas
Low Risk
  • Oscar Arnold
  • Fox Run Open Space
  • Grange Hall Creek (west of Irma)
  • Badding Reservoir (south end, parallel to Fred Drive)
Moderate Risk
  • Farmers Highline Canal (Pecos to Washington)
  • Fox Run Open Space (west of the railroad tracks)
Higher Risk
  • Badding Reservoir (north are, parallel to Melody Drive)
  • Grange Hall Creek (adjacent to Jaycee Park & the Regatta apartments)
 Northglenn Maintenance Practices
  1. Mow a 6-8 foot firebreak along all formal trails (monthly; May-Sept.)
  2. Mow a 10 foot firebreak along all residential fence lines (monthly; May-Sept.)
  3. In higher risk areas, mow a 30 foot firebreak along all fence lines or structures (monthly; May-Sept.)
  4. In higher risk areas, remove any fallen limbs or other dry debris within 30 feet of all fence lines or structures
  5. Conduct regular pruning of trees and removal of underbrush (annual; designated locations vary based on need)
Additional Resources:
Interactive state wildfire risk map

The Sept. 19, 2022 City Council presentation by NMFRD, including WUI risk map

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Download a printable information sheet about City of Northglenn Parks & Open Space Wildfire Mitigation