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Old Rec Center Redevelopment

The old recreation center will be redeveloped into a valuable location for the city and the Civic Center Campus.

The redevelopment of the land includes the following steps, in order:
  1. Building demolition
  2. Soil remediation
  3. Seeking redevelopment opportunities
  4. Redevelopment

11801 Community Center Drive, Northglenn, CO, 80233

Building Demolition
The old recreation center will be demolished and the debris removed as the first step in redevelopment.

Soil Remediation
Once the debris are removed, contaminated soils must be removed.

The contaminated soils are a result of historic agricultural operations that occurred on the site prior to the construction of the former recreation center. Environmental studies required for the site identified high levels of lead and arsenic in the soil in excess of levels allowed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

The purpose of this project is to remove/remediate the soil contaminates and prepare the site for future development as identified in the Northglenn Civic Center Master Plan.

American Demolition has been contracted to perform the asbestos abatement and demolition of the former Recreation Center building. Both abatement and demo are anticipated at $1,100,000.

The City has applied for an EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant during the 2023 grant cycle that closed in November to cover costs associated with the remediation of lead and arsenic soil contaminants. It is estimated that the cost to remediate these contaminates is approximately $2,700,000. If awarded, the grant would cover all costs associated with the cleanup. 


Demolition of the former recreation center has begun as of Feb. 2024 and demolition is anticipated to last approximately 30 days.

The City submitted application for an EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant in Nov. 2023. We anticipate notice of grant recipient in March/April 2024.

Remediation Documents

Seeking Redevelopment Opportunities
Once the building has been torn down and the soil remediated,  the city will look at options for redevelopment for the property. 

Once finished, the old rec center land will be a vital cog in the greater Civic Center Campus.

Demolition Timeline

Remediation Timeline

Nov. 1, 2023
Nov. 1, 2023 @ 4:00pm – Public meeting regarding EPA Brownfields Grant FundsCity Council Chamber, Northglenn City Hall11701 Community Center DriveNorthglenn, CO  80233
Nov. 13, 2023
Grant application due to the EPA.
Q1/Q2 2024
Notice of award anticipated by EPA.
Summer 2024
Anticipated soil remediation to begin.
December 2024
Anticipated completion of remediation and revegetation of site. 

Eric Ensey
Senior Planner