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New City Hall

The new City Hall is Phase II of the city's Civic Center Master Plan.

The current City Hall is nearly 40 years old, and lacks the resources, safety infrastructure and proper space for employees to efficiently provide services to the community.

  • Be an inspiring civic resource for residents
  • Serve as a gathering place and anchor of the Civic Center  
  • Foster a sense of pride, camaraderie and community

The new City Hall will house the same divisions, departments and services as the currently facility, along with City Council Chambers.

Other features are still under consideration. 

The plan is for the new City Hall to be placed off Community Center Drive next to the Northglenn Veterans Memorial, where the old City Hall police parking lot is now.

New City Hall Location Northglenn 


The cost for the new City Hall is estimated at $28.6 million – and the city already has the money to pay for it. No new taxes will be necessary. The funds were generated by the ½% sales tax and the 4% Special Marijuana Tax, both of which can only be used for capital projects.

  • April 2022 - Staff consulted on what they would like to see in new facility

  • March 2022 - Location for facility moved to southwest corner of Community Center Drive and Memorial Parkway
  • Early 2022 - Public invited to comment on what they would like to see in new facility
  • September 2021 - Anderson Mason Dale selected as architect
  • 2017 - Civic Center Master Plan approved by City Council


Future consultant teams will be brought in for general contracting services