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Lift Station A and Force Main

Lift Station A
(The pump)
One of our pumps, or “lift stations,” that collects wastewater and pushes it through to the rest of the pipe system will be replaced. The new, more efficient pumps will improve overflow capacity and efficiency of the sewer system.

Force Main
(The pipe)
Sewer systems rely on gravity to move wastewater through the pipes. However, when water needs to flow uphill, “force main” pipelines help push water through. A portion of line that runs from Lift Station A - at Irma Drive and Leroy Drive – and follows York Street north to 120th Avenue will be replaced. After that point, the pipeline is a gravity line, which does not need repair.   

The new force main will be constructed with an updated, durable material that is sized more appropriately for the flow of sewage, meaning a more efficient system. The new system will emit less corrosive gas, which reduces odors throughout the city and near the treatment plant.