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Civic Center Master Plan

The Northglenn Civic Center Master Plan is a comprehensive document that captures the background and process for redevelopment of the Civic Center Campus.

This was a collaborative effort among urban, financial and transportation planners and civil
engineers along with city staff, elected officials and the broader Northglenn community.

The Civic Center Master Plan offers six goals and guiding principles to leverage existing assets
and opportunities and address challenges:

  • Enhance stronger community identity with the creation of a more inviting and functional head of the community
  • Integrate a vibrant mix of land use through public-private development to ensure a thriving Civic Center
  • Evaluate the best location and design of municipal facilities including City Hall, the Northglenn Recreation Center, Northglenn Senior Center, and the D.L. Parsons Theatre
  • Provide public gathering spaces by strengthening the existing Northglenn Veterans Memorial and creating flexible, iconic streetscapes
  • Leverage the success of adjacent developments
  • Strengthen connections to the rest of the community by enhancing connectivity and ensuring capacity of Community Center Drive

The Civic Center site is located on Community Center Drive across from E.B. Rains Jr. Memorial Park and includes City Hall and the recreation center/senior center/theatre buildings.

The master plan was funded by the City Council through an appropriation out of the normal
budgeting process. Funding for implementation of the phases will vary.

The next step will be the implementation of the master plan, which is broken up into three
phases. The initial phase includes the construction of a new recreation center/seniorcenter/theatre, along with the necessary infrastructure for the site. City Council has appropriated
the funds to proceed with this phase.

The master planning project is complete. The City Council adopted the Civic Center Master Plan as part of the city’s Comprehensive Plan on April 10, 2017. For an update on status for the implementation of the initial phase, please see the Recreation Center Project Page.