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New Zoning Map

The city is updating the names and designations for all zoning districts, which will require a new zoning map to be adopted.

This process is part of New Code Northglenn, in which the city is rewriting its 40+ year old development regulations into a new Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). These new districts will conform as closely as possible to the current zone district and character of the area. See the chart below for a comparison of zoning districts.

  • Feb. 26, 2019 - Effective Date of new Zoning Districts

Updated Zoning Districts
We have updated two of the city’s interactive web tools to help you understand the proposed changes both for your property and throughout the city.

Property Zoning Look-Up
Enter your property address to see current and proposed zoning as well as associated development regulations like allowable lot size, building height, and setbacks for primary and accessory structures. 

Interactive Zoning District Map
Explore an online map to see proposed changes to other areas in the City; click on a property to see current and proposed zoning districts. 


Zoning Districts Comparison
Residential Districts
Current Zoning Proposed Zoning
R-1-A, Single Family RS-1, Single-Family Large-Lot
R-1-B, Single Family RS-2, Single-Family Standard-Lot
R-1-C, Single Family
R-3, Multifamily RM-1, Multifamily Limited
R-3-A, Multifamily RM-2, Multifamily
R-4, Multifamily

Commercial Districts
Current Zoning Proposed Zoning
C-0, Commercial CG, Commercial General
C-1, Commercial
C-3, Commercial
C-4, Commercial
C-5, Commercial CA, Commercial Auto-Oriented

Other Nonresidential Districts
Current Zoning Proposed Zoning
I-2, Industrial IN, Industrial
A-1, Agriculture AG, Agriculture
O-1, Open Space OS, Open Space

Planned Development Districts
Current Zoning Proposed Zoning
PUD, Planned Unit Development PD, Planned Development

Current Zone Districts not being utilized (to be removed): 
  • R-1, Single-family
  • R-2, Two family 
  • M.H., Mobile Home
  • M.U., Mixed Use
  • C-4-CC, City Center District
  • I-1, Industrial
New Zone Districts available for future rezoning: 
  • RS-3, Single-family small lot
  • MH, Manufactured Home
  • MN, Mixed-Use Neighborhood
  • MC, Mixed-Use Corridor
  • MR, Mixed-Use Regional
  • PF, Public Facilities 

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