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Land Use Applications

Find out what types of special permits you need for your development or construction project.

Application packets include an explanation of the application and a checklist describing how to complete the applications and the required submittal materials for each of the following land use applications. If you are unsure, please contact the Planning and Development Department for further assistance at or 303.450.8739.

Always start with a Pre-application Review

Development Applications & Fees 

Application Type  Fee 
 Pre-Application Meeting   $50
 Preliminary/Final Subdivision Plat  $500
 Minor Subdivision Plat  $250
 Subdivision Improvement Agreement   $500
 Vacation of Easement or ROW  $500
 Rezoning (standard zoning district)  $500
 Rezoning to PD (with accompanying PD Plan)   $1,000 
 PD Amendment - Minor (Administrative Approval)  $250
 PD Amendment - Major (City Council Approval)   $500
 Sign Permit   varies
 Site Plan - Major   $1,000
 Site Plan - Minor  $500
 Site Plan Amendment - Minor (Administrative Approval)   $100
 Site Plan Amendment - Major (Planning Commission Approval)   $250
 Wireless Service Facility (WSF) Permit *$150
 Oil and Gas Permit $1,500
 Special Use Permit  $500
 Temporary Use Permit $100
 Zoning Permit (Change of Use Permit)  NA
 Comprehensive Sign Program (CSP) $250 
 CSP Amendment  $50
 Variance $250
 Appeal $250
 UDO Interpretation NA
 Vested Rights  $500

*For WSF Permits, $150, plus $50 for each additional facility if part of a consolidated application. 


Planning Division