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HEAL Committee

The Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Committee looks at city policies and programs that make it easier for Northglenn residents to live a healthier lifestyle. 

The city formed the committee after joining the HEAL Cities and Towns Campaign in the fall of 2014. This program is a partnership between LiveWell Colorado and the Colorado Municipal League (CML), which provides training and technical assistance to achieve the goals of HEAL. The committee focuses on healthy food access, active living, community engagement and social health. 

The committee currently meets the third Tuesday of the month from noon to 1 p.m. in City Hall, 11701 Community Center Drive. Community members and business owners are being sought to join the committee. If you are interested, please contact Ashley Kaade at the information in the contact box. 

2019 NG Fit Challenge
This challenge is designed to help you meet national physical activity guidelines of at least 30 minutes of exercise five times a week, or 150 minutes total. We know that taking on a challenge is easier when you have support, so join the NG Fit Facebook Group to learn about monthly activities, post accomplishments or find some encouragement from fellow community members. Let's work together to have a healthy and happy year! 

Join the NG Fit Facebook Group   

In addition to the 30 x 5 fitness goal, each month will feature a special activity or challenge. 

Monthly Activities: 
August 2019 - Fresh Fruit Challenge 

Who doesn’t love fresh fruit this time of year? This month’s challenge is to eat at least three servings of fruit every day. You’re encouraged to try new fruits as well and share with the group the ones you love!

Learn more about the benefits of eating fresh fruit. 


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Ashley Kaade
Senior Planner