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Northglenn is Prepared

The City of Northglenn is committed to supporting residents and businesses when emergencies occur.  In addition to adjusting city services to best serve Northglenn, we coordinate with other agencies to meet critical needs in our community.

Check out the FAQs below to learn more, or click on these links to find specifics on these topics:

Wildland Fire Mitigation

Emergency Preparedness

The City of Northglenn has an emergency preparedness plan
In the event of an emergency, threat, or large-scale incident the city utilizes an Emergency Operations Plan to maintain critical services. The city also works with surrounding agencies such as Adams County, Tri-County Health Department, North Metro Fire Rescue and others to plan for and respond to large scale incidents.
How Does the City Prepare for Emergencies?
Northglenn has an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that has general guidelines and principles for planning, managing and coordinating response during and after an emergency. 

From serious winter storms to illness to natural disasters to chemical exposures -- the plan designates responsibilities and actions such as how to utilize internal resources; when to request assistance; what contracts are in place to support essential services; communicating with residents, employees and neighboring agencies; and command structure.

We follow FEMA practices including the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS).  These standard response protocols enable us to work with other agencies easily if an emergency requires support outside of city resources.

Emergency preparedness goes beyond city borders -- Northglenn works in conjunction with North Metro Fire Rescue, Adams County and the State of Colorado for emergency planning and response.

How Can I Be Alerted When There is an Emergency in the Area?
Why is Emergency Planning Important?
Emergency planning not only helps us maintain the safety of our residents, it enables the city to continue to provide essential services in case of an emergency, including:
  • Police
  • Water and wastewater
  • Trash and recycling