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Street Repair

Maintaining the quality of city streets is one the highest priorities for the city. 

2021 Residential and Arterial Street Programs
The city's Residential and Arterial Street Programs includes repairs on both the asphalt and concrete. Below is a list of streets set for repair. 

Sections of Construction
Street From - To
Washington Street East 120th Avenue to East 104th Avenue
Malley Drive Community Center Drive to Washington Street
Carrol Lane Garland Drive to Grant Drive
Acoma Street Kennedy Drive to Pinyon Drive
Acoma Street West 116th Avenue to West 118th Avenue
Kennedy Drive Huron Street to Claire Lane
Wanda Lane Roseanna Drive to Santa Fe Street
Fred Drive Huron Street to city limits
East 115th Place* Larson Lane to end of cul-de-sac

* Bid alternate

Terrie Pineda