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Street Repair

Maintaining the quality of city streets is one of the highest priorities for the city.

2023 Residential Street Program
Location Task Start Stop
114th Place Concrete June 12 June 12
113th Place Concrete June 13 June 14
Muriel Drive Concrete June 15 June 21
Ura Lane Concrete June 22 June 26
114th Place Milling June 27 June 28
113th Place Milling June 29 June 30
114th Place Paving June 29 June 30
Muriel Drive Milling July 3 July 5
113th Place Paving July 3 July 4
Muriel Drive Paving July 6 July 10
Ura Lane Milling July 6 July 7
Ura Lane Paving July 11 July 12
Muriel Drive Epoxy and Thermo July 14 July 18
Ura Lane Epoxy and Thermo July 19 July 20
Various Cracksealing Aug. 21 Aug. 31

City of Northglenn Pavement Management Program 

The City of Northglenn has a 4.0 Mill Levy with all proceeds strictly dedicated to the repair and rehabilitation of streets. This was approved by city voters in 2010.

When appropriate, the city pursues federal and state grants, and works with neighboring municipalities.

Northglenn Road Report

August 2023

2023 Residential Streets: Paving is complete; there is still a line item for crack sealing left to do and it will be completed later this year.

Huron Waterline: Paving is now complete; only striping remains.

July 2023

Rain is great for the environment; not so much for road construction. Work was delayed on all the projects listed below. Information is accurate as of press time and subject to change.

  • Paving on the Residential Street Program should be finished by the end of July. This includes repaving of the following sections of street and some curb and gutter work:  
    • Muriel Drive - Irma Drive to Washington Street 
    • 113th Place - Highline Drive to cul-de-sac at west end 
    • Lincoln Drive - 113th Place to Malley Drive 
    • Sherman Drive - 113th Place to North End 
    • Ura Lane - 104th Avenue to Varese Lane 
    • 114th Place - Larson Lane to Clarkson Street 
    • Carlile Street - 114th Place to 115th Avenue 
    • Bowman Place - Marion Street to Irma Drive 
    • Various cracksealing is scheduled to occur in late August. 

  • Huron Street from 97th Avenue to 104th Avenue is being repaved, with some curb and gutter work as well. Construction should be done by mid-July. Traffic may be limited to one lane each direction in certain sections. 

  • Traffic calming modifications to the Marion Street and East 105th Place median are now done. 

Terrie Pineda