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Right of Way Permit

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 Any work done by a private company on city-owned or controlled grounds requires a right of way permit.

Rights of Way
A public right of way (ROW) means any of these areas that are dedicated to public use:

  • Any street - parkway, boulevard, way or place
  • Alley
  • Sidewalk
  • Parks, trails and paths
  • Easement
  • Median

Obtain a Permit
Companies planning on doing work within the city's ROW must register and obtain a permit before starting work. All permits may be submitted at EXCEPT for the ROW Job Specific Bond, which must be brought to the Right of Way permit center, which is located in the Maintenance and Operations Facility, 12301 Claude Court.

ROW Fee List

Standards and Specifications
Updated 2021
Grading Permit Materials
Construction Brochures

Public Works Department