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SAFEbuilt Scholarship

SAFEbuilt's $1,000 scholarship is open to all high school seniors who go to school in Northglenn.

Applications are no longer being accepted for 2019. Thank you for your interest!

Scholarship Application

Application Essay

Students will be asked to submit an essay of at least 500 words explaining why they feel they should receive a scholarship.

The applications and essays will be reviewed by a five-person committee consisting of three City of Northglenn employees, one SAFEbuilt employee and the mayor of Northglenn. Their selection criteria will include:
  • Quality and impact of essay
  • Adversity the student may have overcome
  • Service to the community
  • Integrity you bring to your home, school and community
  • How you think this scholarship will aid you in your future endeavors

The deadline for application is March 11, 2019.  Applications are to be turned in to the Northglenn High School or Vantage Point High School counseling office no later than 3:30 p.m. on or before the deadline.

 In order to be considered, the students must be documented.

Winner will be announced in April.

The scholarship will be paid directly to the institution prior to the students’ first term.  Students will need to provide verification of acceptance.