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Are you looking to do any major construction or renovation to a building in Northglenn? It is very likely you may need to obtain permits.

Until further notice, Northglenn City Hall is open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please wear a face mask and maintain social distancing.

The city contracts its building division services through SAFEbuilt.

Since 1992, SAFEbuilt has provided full-service building department programs, building code plan reviews, complete project support, building code inspections and code enforcement for cities, towns, counties and other public agencies. As of today, they work with more than 250 public communities.

Video Inspections During COVID-19 Pandemic
In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, the City of Northglenn has authorized the use of video inspection of project work performed pursuant to a building or similar license.  The purpose of this authorization is to protect the health and safety of the public while reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19.
Applicable Codes and Design Criteria

In addition, plans must be reviewed by North Metro Fire Rescue District
Tri-County Health Department must review commercial projects that include food preparation or child care

Snow and Wind Loads
  • Snow Load - 30 psf; ground snow load 30 psf
  • Wind speed – 110 mph 3-second gust, exposure B – designer shall assess
  • Frost depth - 36 inches below finished grade Minimum footing depth – 36 inches

Related Information

Provides building division services for the City of Northglenn

Inspection Requests: 303.450.8748

City Hall
11701 Community Center Drive
Northglenn, CO  80233

North Metro Fire Rescue District

Tri-County Health Department