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Q&A With Council Member Witkovich

Get to Know Your Council Member

How Long Have You Lived in Northglenn?
My husband and I have lived in Northglenn since 2014, when we bought our first home.
What Neighborhood/Area Do You Live In?
We live on Larry Drive near Larson Park. This area is sometimes referred to as the Leroy Neighborhood. 
What Do You Like Most About Northglenn?
I love the small-town feel of Northglenn despite being a large and growing metropolitan area. I also love our parks, our homes and most of all, our people.
What is Your Education and Career Experience?
I earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Central Florida in 2006. I earned a master’s degree in political science from the University of Colorado-Denver in 2015. 
Tell Us About Your Family
I have been married to my best friend, Brandon, for 11 years. We have four dogs that keep us busy and entertained - Emmy, Hodor, Ollie and Bayley. 
How Have You Gotten Involved in the Community?
I have enjoyed volunteering with the CIty since moving to Northglenn in 2014. I am a Snow Stormer, a CPAAAN member, Chair of the Northglenn VALE Board, and a neighborhood beautification judge in the summer.  I also enjoy volunteering at our big community events each summer.
Why Did You Run for Office?
I became interested in local government and community development while going through graduate school. I have greatly enjoyed my volunteer experiences with the city, and City Council was a logical next step for me to expand my volunteerism in the community while also utilizing my education. 
What Community Issues Are You Most Interested in Addressing?
I am most interested in any issues involving the safety of our neighborhoods, our streets and our residents. These are the issues most important to my neighbors. 
What Regional Issues Are You Most Interested in Addressing?
Northglenn is involved in many regional issues due to our location in a large metropolitan area, but the issue I am most interested in involves homelessness. This is a concern for residents so it should also be a concern for City Council. 
What Community and Regional Issues Are You Most Interested in Addressing?
Now that we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, my focus has changed dramatically. First and foremost, community health and safety is my priority. Second, our businesses both small and large will need assistance to survive. Beyond that, we must continue to work with our partners to open the N Line commuter rail.

Incumbent Questions - January 2022

So Far, What Achievement, Action or Work Are You Most Proud of During Your Tenure on Council?
I am proud to have been involved in creating the Community Co-Policing Advisory Board and Diversity, Inclusivity and Social Equity Board. These boards have been entrusted to handle very important tasks to better our community, and I look forward to seeing all they are able to accomplish. I am also proud that council unanimously approved the temporary cold weather shelter at our old recreation center to serve people experiencing homelessness in Northglenn.
What Is the Most Important Thing You Have Learned During Your Time on Council?
During my time on council, I have learned the importance of being flexible and open-minded when making decisions that will impact our community. It’s important to listen to all viewpoints and educate myself before making important decisions.
What Do You Feel Are The Biggest Issues That Northglenn Faces Right Now?
I think the biggest issues facing Northglenn right now are pedestrian safety and roadway safety. This is what I hear most from residents and I agree. I look forward to making progress on these issues over my next two years on council.
What Is the Most Rewarding Part of Being on Council?
The most rewarding part of being on council for me has been the relationships with other council members and our residents. I’ve been able to meet many new people and learn their stories during my time on council. I also find it very rewarding to work with passionate council members who have ambitious goals to better Northglenn.