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Q&A With Council Member Lukeman-Hiromasa

Get to Know Your Council Member

How Long Have You Lived in Northglenn?
My husband and I bought our beautiful home here in 2015 and hope to grow old here. Well, older!
What Neighborhood/Area Do You Live In?

I can walk out the gate of my backyard and I’m in the beautiful Northwest Open Space! I can’t believe how lucky I am. Trails and open space for miles.

What Do You Like Most About Northglenn?

There are so many things I love! The beautiful parks, open space and trails are simply unmatched. I love the “small but mighty” feel of Northglenn - it’s a city that truly has the best of everything. The sense of community and pride in keeping Northglenn beautiful and safe has captured my heart. Northglenn proud!

What is Your Education and Career Experience?

I worked as a business and administrative assistant during my younger adult years in Puerto Rico. I put myself through college and obtained a BA in Sociology with a minor in Psychology from CU Denver, with honors.

I am an entrepreneur and small business owner, and co-CEO of Colorado Krav Maga for the last 24 years, which focuses on a self-defense style from Israel (Krav Maga). My husband and I co-own five locations throughout Colorado. I have a strong background in management, team building, marketing and sales, and all the gifts that come along with small business ownership.

I also have a strong fitness background and certifications, having created my own fitness program for a franchise, and am a Train the Trainer for self-defense and fitness programs.

Tell Us About Your Family

My husband and I are empty nesters! We have three grown children, ages 32, 29, and 24. The oldest and youngest are girls, and the middle child is the boy. Our son has Asperger’s autism. The older two live nearby, and the youngest lives in New York City. The best part of this stage of our lives is that we are now the grandparents of a beautiful, smart, and VERY active almost 2-year-old girl. We live 20 minutes away from her and I am blessed to take care of her a couple days a week. Yay for Northglenn parks!

How Have You Gotten Involved In the Community?

I have always sought out ways to give back to my community, whether as a resident or business owner. My favorite event is raising donations and toys for the Boys and Girls Club each year. Last year, in the midst of COVID, we helped raise nearly $10K in toys and donations for them! There were many Christmases that I did not get a gift or something I needed because of how poor we were. That is why it’s so important for me to give back to our needy families and especially kids! I also love hosting and coordinating outreach seminars for the community such as free kids’ safety days and seminars, and free women’s self-defense seminars. These have often been held in conjunction with local first responders as a community outreach program.

I also served on the Community Co-Production Policing Advisory Board. I care about building a connection between our Police Department and amazing community. This position fueled me to apply for the City Council vacancy and serve in a broader capacity.

Why Did You Run for Office?

This is a crucial and exciting time for Northglenn. What we do now in the wake of COVID matters. I wanted to take on a more proactive role because I love our little city and serving in this capacity enables my voice and others to be heard on issues shaping Northglenn now and into the future. I want to keep our city beautiful, safe, and thriving. I have always lived by the psychology of “Do Something,” so that’s why I applied for the Ward 4 vacancy.

What Community and Regional Issues Are You Most Interested in Addressing?

The ongoing revitalization of the Northglenn Marketplace is crucial, especially with the continued economic effects of COVID. These are unprecedented times! The Northglenn Marketplace can provide much-needed jobs and revenue for the city and its residents. This is also true for the ongoing Civic Center plan. Let’s get Northglenn on the map!

We need to continue to address the community’s concerns regarding speeding on residential streets, road conditions, need for multi-modal transportation, safety, and the upkeep of our parks and neighborhoods. Lots of programs in place already but we need to stay on top of it. Keep Northglenn beautiful!

I care very much about finding meaningful, compassionate, long-term solutions that address our population experiencing homelessness as well as addressing housing affordability.

Regionally we need to have a bigger voice and say on issues such as access to transportation, homelessness, and crime as it ties in with our neighboring cities.

Incumbent Questions - June 2022

So Far, What Achievement, Action or Work Are You Most Proud of During Your Tenure on Council?

I am proud of our Crisis Response Unit and the resulting collaboration with our Police Department to effectively address the issues surrounding homelessness, addiction, and the mental health crisis. The City has taken a meaningful approach to coming up with solutions and I am proud to support our CRU program.

I am proud of the work of our Community Co-Production Policing Board, and look forward to the recommendations their continued work will provide to council to build a bridge between our community and police department. This board has already made recommendations surrounding body worn cameras, and also making police reports easily accessible to the public. 


What Is the Most Important Thing You Have Learned During Your Time on Council?

Collaboration. Understanding what it takes to keep our water clean and toilets flushing, increase public safety, host community events, attract and retain business, maintain our parks and roads, etc. It’s a very collaborative process and City staff do a great job of making Northglenn better every day. I’ve learned how important collaboration is on a regional level as well to achieve a better Northglenn.

What Do You Feel are The Biggest Issues That Northglenn Faces Right Now?

Public Safety. There are multiple facets including pedestrian and roadway safety, speeding on residential streets, addressing homelessness and the layers it encompasses, and alarming increases in crime we are seeing across the nation, not just Northglenn.

I believe supporting our Police Department in becoming more technological and data-driven and ensuring they have the tools to achieve this is critical to Northglenn’s safety.

What Is the Most Rewarding Part of Being on Council?

I love our Ward 4 meetings! I have met so many incredible people. There are so many diverse opinions and they all matter. Everyone has a different perspective on issues they are concerned about. It’s their homes, families, and neighborhoods. All voices need to be heard. I have volunteered for many events, boards and commissions, and try to attend all the events I can in an effort to better listen to and serve my community. I’ve grown as a person from hearing so many diverse perspectives.