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Q&A With Council Member Esquibel

Get to Know Your Council Member

How Long Have You Lived in Northglenn?
My wife and I bought our home in 2009.
What Neighborhood/Area Do You Live In?
Ward 4 ­– Melody Drive and 99th Avenue
What Do You Like Most About Northglenn?
Northglenn has a small, hometown feeling; it allows one to feel connected and be involved in the community.
Education and Career Experience
I hold a Master’s Degree in social work from New Mexico Highlands University. I retired from Adams 12 in 2011.
Tell Us About Your Family
My wife Deborah Esquibel Hunt holds a PhD from the University of Utah. As my mother-in-law would say, "Two social workers deserve each other.”
How Have You Gotten Involved in the Community?
I volunteered for the US Army in 1966. Little did I know that would follow me for the rest of my life. I've continued to volunteer in all the communities I've lived in - too many to mention. I continue to do so right here in Northglenn and Adams County. After my time in the military, I worked for Philip Morris as a production supervisor. I also owned a business in New Mexico. In 1991 I was elected to the school board in Las Vegas, N.M. and served two terms. In 1996 I was appointed by Governor Gary Johnson to serve as Magistrate Judge in San Miguel County, N.M.

Why Did You Run for Office?
I enjoy the challenge and believe in giving back to the community that I live and work in.

What Community Issues Are You Most Interested in Addressing?

I am a fiscal conservative so I would like to see Phase I of the Civic Center Master Plan be completed on time and on budget. The Marketplace is a top priority for me because that location is not producing the tax revenue that it should or is capable of. 

What Regional Issues Are You Most Interested in Addressing?

Completion of the N Line and partnering with Adams County to address our homeless and mental health issues.