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Q&A With Council Member Brown

Get to Know Your Council Member

How Long Have You Lived in Northglenn?
We have lived in Northglenn for almost 30 years.
What Neighborhood/Area Do You Live In?
I am a proud resident of Ward 2. I am lucky to live very close to the parks around us and be able to enjoy them.
What Do You Like Most About Northglenn?

So many things, but honestly it’s the community. Everyone is so thoughtful and kind. I received so many personal cards and emails when I was away taking care of my father and after his passing. That to me is the definition of community – always ready to lend a hand.

Education and Career Experience
I have an associate's degree in business management. I currently work as an operations manager for a global IT company, handing project management.
Tell Us About Your Family
We have two daughters and a son. My oldest daughter lives right here in Northglenn, raising two of my three grandchildren. My grandson told me when they bought their house “grandma you are only 1.2 minutes away.” My other two kids are out now living on their own. I tried to get them to stay but I lost that battle. My other daughter has one child and my son, well, he has a turtle and that’s perfect.
How Long Have You Lived in Northglenn?
I was recently re-elected as council member for Ward 2 and have served on many boards and commissions, most recently with NURA. I love to volunteer and have found my niche here in Northglenn. I volunteer for most of our events, working with the Northglenn Community Foundation.
Why Did You Run for Office?

 My husband had been on council and he really prompted me to run. I had been involved in one way or another for at least 15 years and it felt like I needed to move forward. I had gained enough experience to be able to serve the residents and I have not regretted a minute of it.

What Community Issues Are You Most Interested in Addressing?
Obviously now that we are dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, we have had to adjust accordingly. I feel this year will be focused on making sure the city continues to thrive through this and maintain fiscal responsibility. Our first responsibility is to the residents and that will be a focus. I also want to make sure that we are addressing the needs of our small businesses. It will be a very busy time in the next 12 months.
What Regional Issues Are You Most Interested in Addressing?
Transportation and roadways, along with the N Line commuter rail.