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Event Sponsorship

Northglenn is proud to offer a well-rounded event sponsorship program that encompasses many events across different city departments.
We produce a variety of programs from community events for select populations to cultural series events and large multi-day festivals that draw attendance from around the Denver metro area. 

Sponsorship Packet
We have built our sponsorship packet to showcase like sized events, so that local and regional businesses can get involved and market throughout the calendar year easily. Becoming a sponsor gets you involved with all the right engagement opportunities at one time so you don’t have to wonder who to contact or what you should do next.  The packages are a great way to become affiliated with multiple events that fit your goals but we are also happy to build a custom package for you.

Sponsor Benefits
Our sponsors enjoy a wide range of benefits including, but not limited to, event perks, print and online marketing and on-site public engagement.  There are many reasons to get involved! Please use this page as a menu to see all of the different things Northglenn has to offer and then let us know what your goals are and we’ll find the right way to plug you into our community.

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Below is a simple list of all the sponsorship levels and packages available for 2024. Full details are in the packet.  Sponsorship packages can vary and be tailored to meet your needs and marketing objectives.

  • $300 1 Large Community Event 
  • $500 Single Day Festival: July 4th 
  • $700 2 Day Festival: Pirate Fest
  • $1,000 3 Day Festival: Food Truck Carnival
  • $1,200 Large Community Events Package 
  • $1,600 Series Events
  • $2,000 Festivals Package 
  • $3,000 Community Partner Package
  • $5,000 Northglenn Champion 
When you're ready to sign up please contact Ashley at 303.450.8935 or

Please use this page as a starting place and then contact us so we can help set you up with events or packages that best align with your networking and budget goals.

If you are interested in events from different packages we can build you a custom package to meet your marketing needs. Or if you are working with a set budget we can help you find a good fit for you. Please contact us directly.