Croke Reservoir Nature Area

Huron St. & Naiad Dr.

The Croke Reservoir Nature Area is home to a wide range of wildlife such as fish, snapping turtles, water fowl, herons, red-winged black birds, muskrats, raccoons, and an occasional fox. Willows and cottonwoods surround this area, providing a peaceful place to stop and rest.

Fishing is permitted from April to mid-August, but is limited to lures and flies and is prohibited on the north side of the reservoir for environmental reasons.

Croke Reservoir was rehabilitated in 2009 when the reservoir was drained and the shoreline stabilized. Many new amenities were added to the east side such as a walking path and pavilion with steps that lead to the water where you can sit and enjoy the view.

Through the efforts of over 1,200 volunteers, the following improvements were also made:
• Removal of chain link gate near bridge
• Bridge railings painted
• Posts on entrance sign painted
• Branches near bridge trimmed
• Metal railings painted
• Replacement of 18 railroad ties on the fishing pier.

Art on Parade winner Hop To It! found a new home here after the rehabilitation work was complete.

The 3,988 feet of nature trail that wraps around the reservoir was renamed the Bill Gillespie Nature Trail on November 9, 2009 in honor of a former Councilman, resident and volunteer. Parks staff constructed a memorial sign identifying the Bill Gillespie Nature Trail and dedicated the trail to him on May 21, 2010.

Located adjacent to Croke Reservoir is Hugh Danahy Park.

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