Code Enforcement (Neighborhood Services)

Contact Information: 

Call 303-280-7876 for questions, concerns or to report a code violation.

Call 303-252-3849 to report graffiti.

Code Enforcement (Neighborhood Services)

In Northglenn, enforcement of the city's maintenance codes is done by the Neighborhood Services Division of the Planning and Development Department.

This division responds to concerns such as litter, illegal vehicles, overhanging trees and shrubs, landscaping issues and weeds and building maintenance requirements.

Clearing Snow and Ice From Sidewalks

According to Section 16-1 of the Municipal Code, sidewalks must be cleared of snow within 48 hours after the weather has cleared. Violations could mean a $100 fine for a first-time offense. This law applies for residential and commercial properties.

However, in the case of unusual or extraordinary weather circumstances, the city manager is authorized to provide an extension of a reasonable time in which to clear the snow and ice.

To protect public health and prevent accidents that can occur from deposits of winter snow on sidewalks and in roadways, residents and business owners are asked to pile snow on private property. Additionally, shoveling snow/ice onto public streets creates unsafe driving conditions which can cause delays in the city's snow plowing efforts and can increase the cost of snow removal.

Garage Sale Regulations

Garage sales are a great way to earn a little cash and get rid of items that seem to clutter our homes. However, the sale of used personal property in a residential zone is subject to certain restrictions and limitations:

• No more than two garage sales in any calendar year.
• No sale shall last more than three consecutive days.
• Garage sale signs may be placed in the public right of ways, but are limited to the following restrictions:
   - No garage sale sign shall be larger than 24 inches by 24 inches;
   - No garage sale sign shall be staked higher than 12 inches from the ground, so that the total height of the sign shall not exceed 36 inches from the ground to the top of the sign face;
   - Garage sale signs may only be placed in the public right of way on sale days and should be removed by 7 p.m. on the last day of the garage sale.

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