Neighborhood Services (Code Enforcement)

Contact Information: 

Call 303-280-7876 for questions, concerns or to report a code violation.

Call 303-252-3849 to report graffiti.

Neighborhood Services (Code Enforcement)

Neighborhood Services handles the enforcement of the city's Municipal Codes that relate to health, safety, property maintenance and public nuisances on the property.

What does Neighborhood Services cover?

Here is a list of the city's top code violations, which include yard maintenance, snow and ice on sidewalks and illegal vehicles on private property.

Neighborhood Services does NOT handle issues on public property, which includes illegal vehicles parked on the street. They also do not handle animal control. For these issues, please contact the Police Department or call 911.

What if you get a warning notice?

If a Neighborhood Services Officer spots a violation on your property, they will leave a warning notice. This is NOT a citation or summons and certainly NOT a fine. The notice simply states what violation was spotted and how you you have to correct the problem. Around 90 percent of the violations are dealt with quickly.

If you receive a notice and can't fix the problem in the allotted amount of time, please contact Neighborhood Services immediately at 303-280-7876. That way, we can work together to find a solution that works for you, the city and the neighborhood.

Division focus

As a part of the Planning and Development Department, Neighborhood Services strives to develop solutions that will make residents and visitors want to invest time, effort and resources.

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