New Look for Northglenn

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Margo Aldrich
Public Communications Manager

New Look for Northglenn

Why did the city initiate a marketing and re-branding process?
In 2014 City Council developed a strategic plan that focused on several areas, one of them being marketing and branding with the evaluation of the city’s current logo. The theme of the plan is “Vitalization, bringing energy and life to the city through redevelopment, civic engagement, and a renewed sense of community.” After the strategic plan was developed, staff began working toward a new image for the city which included the possibility of a new city logo.

Why does Northglenn need a new image?
We love our city, but the current logo was over 40 years old, and while it worked well for the city for many years, it didn’t reflect what Northglenn was becoming, a revitalized city with an eye on the future.
During our process, research was performed through an extensive community survey, one-on- one interviews were done with residents, and City Council provided their thoughts about the image of the city.

We learned residents viewed Northglenn in the following ways:

  • A good place to live
  • Family friendly
  • Neighborly
  • Diverse
  • Convenient location in the metro area
  • Parks and trees
  • Safe
  • Clean
  • High quality, affordable homes
  • Home town feel

But they also viewed Northglenn as:

  • Dated
  • Indistinguishable from neighboring cities
  • In need of revitalization
  • Not unique as a city

How will a new logo help the city?
A new logo will give Northglenn a new face, an updated appearance that matches who we are today, a city that’s a great place to live and a city planning for the future. It will communicate vitality, and the city’s vision and direction, distinguishing Northglenn from surrounding communities, and creating a stronger sense a unique community. It will make it easier to know when you’re in Northglenn!

What is rebranding?
Branding is more than using a new logo, although that is the most visible outward sign, that’s why consistent use of the logo is so important. Branding is also the community’s identity in the mind of residents, businesses, and guests and re-branding helps to shape that identity, partly by a new logo.

How was the new logo selected?
The city worked with a consultants who are expert in marketing and branding for cities. After extensive research and preparation, several logo options were presented to City Council who ultimately selected the one we will use. The new logo will distinguish Northglenn from surrounding communities and was developed based on what the research told us, that resident’s value- home, trees and parks.

How soon will the new logo appear?

The new logo will begin appearing within the next several weeks. It will be introduced in the Connection newsletter, on social media, and on To honor the original logo, a retirement ceremony for the former city logo was held during the Nov. 28 City Council meeting. Because changing the logo in all the locations it currently appears is a big project, the new logo will be phased in over time. The current implementation plan extends into the year 2020.

How much will re-branding and implementation of a new logo cost?
As items are replaced, the new logo will be utilized. The cost of implementation is a very small percentage of the city’s adopted budget for 2017.

Because we need to be fiscally responsible, costs will be spread over a period of more than four years, starting in 2017 and ending in 2020. The extended time period for the phased in implementation will more easily accommodate the budget impact and limited staff time.

Will those costs be worth it?
Yes, we believe it will be, a new logo is a once in a generation event. Logos change infrequently as cities change and evolve. The purpose of re-branding and utilizing a new logo is an investment in the future, it is important in communicating Northglenn’s position in the metro area as a positive progressive community that is not only a place to call home, but a modern community where business thrives. While the logo will begin appearing soon and will help create a new image for the city, re-branding takes time to develop. A strong brand identity, or image, evolves over time and is supported by consistent use of the logo, and city projects and growth that confirm Northglenn’s place in the north metro area.

What about items that contain the old logo such as letterhead, forms, and apparel?
Because we want to be environmentally and financially responsible, existing supplies will be used up, then re-ordered with the new logo.

City vehicles and street signs have the city logo too, how will those be changed and when?
Vehicles and street signs use decals, so using a new logo is a matter of creating new decals and applying them. The city’s vehicles fleet is very large, and the process of applying new decals will take place over several years. Street signs are the same, we will create new decals with the logo to be applied to current signs. We are always looking for ways to become more efficient.

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