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Temporary Outdoor Business Expansion

The City of Northglenn is dedicated to supporting our local businesses during the COVID-19 health crisis. The city will work to process Temporary Outdoor Expansion Permits within 7 working days (assuming the application is complete), waive the city fee and reimburse any state fees.


Why would I need a Temporary Outdoor Expansion Permit?
The City of Northglenn is launching a temporary outdoor dining expansion program for restaurants and bars to maximize their capacity by utilizing outdoor seating on private or public property. Due to COVID-19, indoor seating is limited to 50% occupancy, not to exceed 50 people, and businesses must comply with  Guidelines for Restaurants and Food Services, The city is encouraging businesses to think creatively to expand their operations for in-person dining while maintaining safe social distancing for customers. Businesses with a liquor license must also apply for an expanded liquor license permit for the temporary premises.

Where may I add outdoor space for customers?
Proposals can include expansion into designated outdoor areas such as adjacent parking lots, streets and sidewalks. Guidance and information required to expand into outside areas is included in the application.

What Businesses Need to Know:

  • Businesses requesting to expand operations must apply for a Temporary Use Permit (TUP). The permit application must be submitted online or to the City’s Planning Division. 
  • Upon approval, the permits will be valid for 120 days.
  • To ensure safe and functional operations and quick turnaround of the permit, please be sure to include all the information requested in the application.  Staff will contact you if information is missing from your application or if there are concerns with the proposal.
  • All applications will be reviewed administratively to expedite the process.
  • The City of Northglenn is waiving fees associated with the Temporary Use Permit.
  • The City will refer the application to all appropriate departments and agencies to ensure the proposal complies with safety, mobility and local emergency access requirements.

Additional Information for Businesses Applying for Temporary Modification of Premises Liquor License Permit:

  • If also applying to temporarily expand liquor licensed premises, fill out the liquor license modification of premises application.
  • Completed forms may be submitted with your application for Temporary Use Permit or emailed to Lisa Andrews in the City Clerk's Office at
  • The application will immediately be forwarded to the State Liquor Enforcement Division for concurrent processing.
  • While there is no city fee for a temporary modification to the liquor licensed premises, there is a $150.00 State Liquor Enforcement Division (LED) fee that must be paid upon application. The LED fee can be paid directly to the LED via the Colorado Department of Revenue's payment site: Please do not pay more than $150.00 as refunds cannot be processed by the Department of Revenue.
  • Upon approval of the temporary modification of the liquor licensed premises by both the State LED and the City of Northglenn, the $150.00 fee is eligible for reimbursement. The City Clerk's Office will verify the details with the licensee upon approval.

If you have any questions regarding the TUP contact bsmith@northglenn.or or 303-450-8741.

For more information related to the Liquor License Permit contact or 303-450-8755.