Utility Billing

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Customer Service Division
P: 303-450-8770
F: 303-450-8708


City of Northglenn
11701 Community Center Drive
Northglenn, CO
Open: Weekdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Mail checks to the above address. Please include your account number.

Utility Billing

Residential Utility Rates in Effect

Tier Rate
(per 1,000 gallons)
(in gallons)


$3.44 First 3,000 gallons


$4.30 3,000 to 10,000


$5.38 10,000 to 20,000


$8.06 Over 20,000

Residential customers are also charged a $10 monthly fee.

Online Bill Pay

For your convenience, the city offers its customers the online Web Payments System. This electronic service allows customers to pay their water bill online and it also features the following benefits:
• Convenient statements via e-mail.
• Ability to view current and prior billing and consumption history online.
• 24/7 account access.
• Reduced bill paying time and cost of stamps.
• Reoccurring automatic statements.

To register for online payments, you will need a valid e-mail address, utility account number (000000-000) and the name on the account. For those who are uncomfortable with paying bills online, the city still offers its other methods for residents to pay their bills (read below).

Pay Your Utility Bill

The city of Northglenn has a number of options for paying utility bills besides paying online:
• Mail a check or money order in the envelope enclosed with your monthly bill.
• Bill pay through a bank or other financial institution.
• Pay by check, cash, money order or credit card at City Hall between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
• Drop your check or money order in the “drive-thru” box located in the south parking lot at City Hall. The box is checked at 8 a.m. Monday through Friday.
• Paying your utility bill online with Northglenn Express Transfer (NEXT) ACH Payment:
- NEXT Automatically transfers your utility payment from your checking account.
- NEXT saves time and money by eliminating postal fees and check writing.
- NEXT pays your monthly utility bill when you're away from home.
- NEXT cost you nothing. You can take advantage of NEXT without paying a monthly fee for the transaction.

To sign up, download the NEXT registration form (above, right) and return it to the city (but NOT with your utility payment).

Water Measurement

The water charge is based upon water consumption, measured in thousands of gallons. Each month a trained meter technician electronically collects water meter reads while driving through the city. The technician’s computer receives electronic signals from each meter. This information is transmitted to the billing system, which then compares the consumption to the normal usage pattern. Any reading outside the normal pattern is investigated prior to billing and readings are rechecked.

Commercial Monthly Water Service Charges

Meter size Per Bill
5/8" $10
3/4" $12.40
1" $17.10
1.5" $29
2" $43.20
3" $81.10
4" $124
6" $242

Commercial - Mixed Use Accounts - Codes M 1-8
• $3.25 per thousand gallons up to 100 percent EQR
• $5.66 per thousand gallons for all consumption over EQR

Commercial - Domestic Use Accounts - Codes D 1-8
• $3.25 for all consumption

Commercial - Irrigation Accounts - Codes I 1-8
• $5.66 for all consumption


The sewer charge is based upon the average water consumption billed on the December, January and February and March statements. This average consumption is multiplied by the sewer rate of $4.12. The current city sewer average is $16.48 (4,000 gallons). The new sewer average is then reflected on the April statement. A minimum sewer charge of $12.36 per month applies to all accounts.

Other Fees

Trash charge - $16 per month (three polycart limit)

Stormwater Impact Fee
• $2 per month single family residential
• $20 per acre commercial, churches and schools per month

Payment Information

• Utility bills are mailed monthly.
• Payment is due 23 days from the billing date. Interest is charged on unpaid balances more than 30 days overdue.
• Final notices are issued when an account has two or more monthly statements outstanding and the account balance is $100 or more.
• A $10 fee is charged for a final notice.
• If service is terminated for non-payment, a processing fee will be charged.
• If you have requested payment arrangements with the city for your utility account, breaking the arrangements will result in immediate disconnection of service without notice and full payment of the balance of the account including all fees will be required to restore service.
• Payment made by a check with insufficient funds will also cause your service to be disconnected without further notice and will require a cash payment plus processing fees. Partial payments or payment arrangements must be made through the Customer Service Division. If you have received a final notice, please speak with a customer service representative concerning payments to avoid disconnection of service. Final notices may have an earlier due date than current charges.

City of Northglenn
11701 Community Center Drive
Northglenn, CO 80233