112th Station Area Master Plan

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112th Station Area Master Plan

112th Avenue Station Area Master Plan
Area included in the 112th Avenue Station Area Master Plan.

The 112th Avenue Station Area Master Plan (STAMP) is a vision of future land use and transportation infrastructure near the Northglenn at 112th Station. Click here for more information on the station.

STAMP touches on roughly a square mile radius of the future location of the station, which will be located just north of 112th Avenue near York Street, right on the Northglenn/Thornton boundary. (See map above.)

STAMP was developed with the following guidelines and goals in mind for future development:
• A vibrant, walkable, mixed-use community
• Compliments the rail station and commuter train service
• Maximize the property’s development potential
• Ensure a sense of place
• Diversify housing
• Increase retail opportunities

The planning divisions of the cities of Northglenn and Thornton worked together STAMP. The two cities agreed on a preferred alternative plan, described in Section 3.3 of the 112th Station Area Master Plan (starting on page 46). During the planning process, the public provided input on the plan online and at meetings.

Both cities will look for opportunities to incorporate elements of the plan in future projects. When private developers bring proposals to develop the land around the 112th Station, the cities will work with those developers to achieve the goals identified in STAMP.


112th Station Area Master Plan
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