Capital Improvement Projects

Capital Improvement Projects

The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is a listing of priority projects that are intended to meet City Council's goal of upgraded city infrastructure and facilities. Upgrades come in the form of new facilities or infrastructure, or maintaining the current investment for the benefit of Northglenn residents. CIP projects help to maintain streets, parks, buildings, sanitary wastewater system, water distribution systems, water and wastewater treatment facilities, traffic control devices, stormwater tributaries and other assets.

In order to be included in the CIP, a project must meet the following requirements:
• Total costs of the project are expected to meet or exceed $5,000.
• The resulting project will have a useful life of more than one year.
• The project will result in the creation of a new asset or the extension of an existing asset’s useful life, value, and/or operational capacity.


2014 Residential Street Program
On April 14, City Council approved CR-38, allocating no more than $650,000 to Asphalt Specialties Co., Inc. to complete the street program. Street work ranges from a complete mill and overlay to sealing cracks and chips, depending on the road condition. List of Streets Affected

2014 Residential Sidewalk and Trail Replacement Program
On June 23, council approved CR-60, which will pay Colorado Concrete Construction no more than $100,000 for the sidewalk and trail program. Work in this program includes replacing sidewalks, gutters and portions of the Greenway Trails system. Sections of Sidewalks and Trails Affected

Terminal Reservoir Outlet Structure Repair
This CIP project involves the construction of a new reservoir outlet slide gate, rehabilitation of the reservoir outlet pipeline with cured-in-place lining material, and several new valve vaults. Construction is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2013 and be completed by the end of the year.

Grange Hall Creek - Washington Street Detention - Phase 1
This capital improvement project is a cooperative agreement between the Urban Drainage & Flood Control District and the city of Northglenn. It includes improvements to the drainage channel and the installation of a pedestrian underpass that also serves as a part of the drainage improvements. Construction started in October 2012 and is expected to be complete by the end of November 2013, with landscape installation to occur in the spring of 2014.

Water Treatment Facility Improvements
This project includes the addition of sodium permanganate storage and feed equipment to improve the removal of manganese and the addition of a rapid mix chamber and dual flocculation basins to improve the removal of total organic carbon. These upgrades will improve the taste of drinking water during the months of August and September and allow the facility to meet stricter drinking water regulations that come into effect in October 2013. Construction is scheduled to start in September 2012 and be completed in December 2013.

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